Infidelity Counseling Chicago

What Happens Next?

Infidelity does not need to end your relationship. Couples therapy can help couples stay together. However, the truth is that a sexual affair can happen to marital relationships to unmarried individuals in a relationship and is very heartbreaking.

There is hope, but the infidelity recovery process is challenging as the betrayed partner goes through trauma. Still, a professional counselor can help unmarried to married individuals heal and move forward.

So, if you have discovered an affair and asking yourself what to do, we here at Couples Therapy of Chicago know what you're going through. You feel betrayed, confused, angry, and sad and cannot trust your partner.

You may feel you can never have an intimate relationship with the person again. Still, there is hope in talking to couples counselors to start your healing process to get through these major life transitions. We helped lots of people in many situation like loss of a job or family member etc.

What Should You Do?

Infidelity Counseling Chicago IL 60622

Feeling betrayed by an affair makes up part of different painful experiences. You go through different feelings, and it is normal. Still, as a couple, you have several options after infidelity when discovered or revealed. You can:

  • Leave your relationship and move on with your life.
  • You can remain in the relationship but not face what happened to you.
  • Or, you can remain in the relationship and start facing what happened to work at it and heal while strengthening your marriage or relationship.
  • Lastly, you can remain in that relationship and look the other way while the affair continues.

No matter what you decide, you will face a mood disorder, have personality differences, face intimacy challenges, and might not be able to have physical intimacy. Thus, with the help of a licensed professional counselor, married couples can explore what happens next to choose the best path forward for the relationship.

"I met a woman on a dating site online and became became hypnotized. It caused my  relationship with my wife to suffer. I finally admitted it to my wife but could not stop until we both spoke to a couples therapist. Couples Therapy Of Chicago helped us to work through the problem as I felt inferior, and the woman boosted my ego. Now my ego is in check again, and me and wife is in love again. But it did take a while."

- Dominic Lewis (Chicago)

Why Infidelity Happens

A huge myth is that infidelity does not happen in a happy marriage or relationship. Still, when you learn your partner was unfaithful, you feel you are the cause of it. Yet, there are many reasons why an affair can happen. The truth is those reasons are not always linked to you. These can include a wide range of reasons because of the person:

  • First, the person has the opportunity to do it.
  • Second, a person might feel Dissatisfaction in their relationship.
  • Or a person lacks self-esteem.
  • Third, it can be an exit strategy to end a relationship with someone.
  • Fourth, it can result from depression.
  • Fifth, it might be a sex addiction.
  • Lastly, it can be to avoid personal problems in the relationship.


Infidelity Counseling Chicago IL 60622

So, the best way to determine the cause is to discuss the relationship issues in marriage counseling or individual session. Doing this can help you resolve those issues to decide what to do next. The truth is you need not visit with your partner at first.

Infidelity Counseling: What Couples Can Expect

An affair recovery process is a slow process. The truth is that relationships differ, and each one is unique. But when you visit one of our mental health counselors, you can expect the following topics to be discussed no matter the type of therapy you use:

  1. You will talk about relationship skills, teaching you how to open up communication with your partner to strengthen your connection even after it happens.
  2. You learn how your trust was broken and destroyed and how to rebuild it again.
  3. With a licensed therapist, you look at your emotional needs and what is unmet in the relationship.
  4. You will discuss your sex life and how to reconnect.
  5. There is also the discussion of when is the right time to tell relatives and friends.
  6. Most importantly, you will discuss the next step to determine if you want to save your relationship or move on.

With a skilled therapist, you will learn from your mistakes as you have learned about each other. As a result, you discover how to handle the situation without becoming destructive to your relationship.

When Should You Start With Couples Therapy

Here at Couples Therapy of Chicago, most therapy sessions are devoted to couples having infidelity problems. However, many couples come to us as soon as they discover an affair.

Still, many couples only come to us after trying to repair their relationship. Yet, in both scenarios, it is best to get discernment counseling before considering divorce.

With the initial session, couples can explore why it happened and if they want to work on their relationship. Statistically, many couples save their relationships after an affair.

Committed individuals find their relationships even stronger as they work out their personality differences. So, if you want to connect and explore the possibilities, reach out to one of our couples therapists.

How To Rebuild Romantic Relationships

If you want to work together as a couple to heal from the injury caused by an affair, you can do it. The first step is to devote yourself individually and together. You can do this in couples therapy.

You will learn the skills you need to take those first steps in healing to build a stronger bond together. The only thing to remember is to build a loving relationship will take time. Why? You need to rebuild your trust and work through it daily. So make the first call and contact us for your infidelity counseling Chicago session NOW! Start building a fulfilling life today.

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