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Addiction: What is it?

Addiction can occur in everyday situations when you commit an act or consume a substance. Thus, if you find yourself or know someone who shows signs of addiction, we recommend you talk to one of our addiction and recovery counselors in Chicago. If you notice any of the following addiction symptoms shown:

  • Eating disorders
  • Gambling often
  • Alcohol or substance abuse
  • Sexual addiction
  • Extreme exercises
  • Excessive spending and shopping


Addiction Counseling Chicago IL 60622

Get in contact with the Marriage Counseling of Chicago NOW! It can be any uncontrollable compulsive behavior as it will affect the person's ability to do their daily social work and school tasks.

How do you know it is an addiction? It starts by evaluating the person's habits associated with that activity and how they feel about it. It is not an easy task, especially regarding hobbies like running long distances and if they are passionate or it is habitual.

The main thing is to get help if you know it is an addiction.

"Where must I start? Chicago became my weakness. living a dream world. I became a high roller that I was not. Once I realized with the help of Couples Therapy of Chicago who I was, I could completely stop my gambling and drinking."

J Wayne (Chicago North)

Complex Addiction Symptoms

  • There are no differences between alcohol use and other addictions, as the majority of the symptoms remain the same:
  • You are always in denial of your problem and try to conceal your behavior
  • Unable to stop the behavior and have mixed feelings of confusion, shame, and anxiety.
  • There is a lack of enjoying other alternative activities.
  • Fears of possible repercussions when discontinuing that specific activity, like your relationship with alcohol.

Do You Have an Addictive Personality?

Addiction recovery counseling Chicago IL 60622

Many people think they have an addictive personality leading them to become addicted to things fast. Still, their thoughts might not even be the confirmed psychiatric diagnosis.

Research shows that they cannot find shared personalities common among people with addictions. The reason is that your character is not the same as another person. But some factors lead to addiction, and one part is genetics which is about 50% leading towards substance use disorder or other habits. Sometime shown that Infidelity Counseling works to recover from addiction.

How Can Addiction Therapy Help

Addiction can result from an anxiety disorder or other disorders like family dysfunction, stress, etc. After a person resolves their habit before therapy, it has a positive effect.

Once sober, they work with an alcohol counselor to work on their alcohol issues to regain their emotional and physical health. With the alcohol specialist as an example, the person can learn the root of the problem and work on it to reach long-term goals.

Once the person accepts responsibility, the recovery from alcohol use becomes more accessible as it releases them from guilt.

Getting over addictions Chicago IL 60622

There are three forms of addiction and recovery counseling that includes:

  • Person-Centered Therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

All these effectively treat recovery from alcohol use and other addictions. Furthermore, other supplementary treatments with group sessions are also advised.

Still, some people suffer from drug addiction and fear seeking help as it has legal implications. However, you need not fear as your therapy sessions are treated in privacy and confidentiality.

With the help of an addiction and recovery counselor in Chicago, you will learn new stress management skills to tackle life experiences and difficult situations. In addition, you will learn recovery skills to healthier coping skills to prevent self-destructive behaviors.

Whether you have children addicted to alcohol or drugs, our family therapist provides family programs to help you and your family. Do not let alcohol abuse or other forms of abuse get you down.

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