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Divorce Counseling

The most stressful life event any person can go through is divorce. The truth is it affects all aspects of life. It affects your living conditions, family relationships, self-esteem, and finances. You will experience grief, making it challenging to go through your daily life. It even worsens when you have kids.

So, it helps to get support during and after your divorce, as it is a life-changing process. It helps to seek support from a professional divorce counselor, and we are here to guide you through the entire process.

Divorce Counseling Chicago IL 60622

We can help you regain your hope, dignity, and your confidence. The divorce process is not always easy. With divorce counseling in Chicago, our therapists can help you with your journey to the actual divorce proceedings.

One of our divorce recovery experts will help you to make decisions without anger or resentment. Instead, you will learn to cope with continuing with your daily life. The divorce therapist will help you eliminate the sense of failure and also deal with the divorce stigma.

You can expect the best support knowing there is life after divorce to build healthy relationships with others.

"We got married very young. Our magical marriage went downhill fast. While it is not what I wanted, I did not know to fix it. Couples Therapy of Chicago advised us on what to do. The truth is they showed us that even if we cannot be married, there is no need to drag our relationship through the dirt. Today we are still friends."

- A Rival

How Divorce Therapy Helps!

The aspects of divorce vary from one couple to another. Yet, after the separation or divorce takes place, any of the parties can grieve. The grief that person goes through can cloud their judgment and make their mind foggy. It usually happens with the burden of divorce when dealing with the courts, paperwork, and lawyers.

Family changes occur when children are involved, and issues arising related to the kid's needs add more pressure. During a counseling session, co-parenting and divorce coaching are discussed, among other things:


Arguments or Communication issues Chicago IL 60622

The truth is that people deal with these experiences differently at different intensity levels. With a divorce mediator, you learn to understand your needs. With this insight, you can use that information to create lasting bonds in your future.

If you and your partner go for couples counseling in Chicago together, you may find you can resolve your problems.

Different Types of Divorce Therapy 

If you are going through separation or divorce, you can find different types of counseling available with us at Couples Counseling in Chicago.

Separation and Divorce Counseling

While this step in looking at divorce or separation might seem unnecessary, it makes sense when couples use it. In addition, this type of therapy can be effective in long-term relationships if children are involved.

With children, divorce is not as simple as it is painful, and this is where a therapist comes in. The needs of couples vary from one person to another, and this form of counseling can take various forms.

Hence, you will work with a counselor to identify your needs during this transition phase. So, the process of divorce counseling varies.

Individual Counseling

With any breakup, there is a mix of emotions from anger, anxiety, sadness, and sometimes relief. Hence, you start moving between different stages from the time of divorce to the separation. Divorce therapy allows you to move through these stages and challenges with someone by your side. The therapist for divorce understands what you go through, and they can help you face those challenges. In addition, you will learn to establish helpful strategies while moving forward in your life.

Couples Counseling Going Through Divorce

During the impact of divorce, each partner wants to move on, but the events make them lose sight of what they used to share. Still, it can be difficult for one partner to move on, but couples do not want to end up with petty arguments.

One of our experienced relationship counselors can guide you through the process in a way to help with communication civilly. It does not always mean couples end their relationships.

The only thing ending is the romantic relationship, but it remains a transition into a partnership when kids are involved. So, to help create positive future relationships, it helps to see a therapist together to help negotiate boundaries.

You can then create healthier relationships with relationship counseling.

 Divorce Counseling in Chicago

The therapists at Couples Therapy of Chicago take a flexible approach to divorce or separation counseling. Why? As each couple is unique in its way.

We can present you with divorce counseling in the Chicago region to meet your individual needs. Let's help make your transition as comfortable as possible when moving through your residual grief process.

Take the step now to contact one of our divorce counselors to help you with your divorce process.

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