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Career and Work Issues 

We spend most of our time at work, which can result in many work career issues leading to stress. We encounter different personal traits, and avoiding conflict is not always easy.

These conflicts stem from clashing personalities, job roles, bullying, and work expectations. Finally, the tension starts to manifest, leading to psychological symptoms primarily negative in people.

Workplace stress leads to anxiety and can develop into depression. But if most workers could speak to a work and career counselor, the problems could be resolved.

Highly Stressful Jobs or Careers Chicago IL 60622

What Are The Common Work Issues?

In the workplace, people can face the following issues:

  • Communication Problems
  • Gossip within the company
  • Conflict with different personalities
  • Issues with work performance
  • Low motivation resulting from job demands
  • Bullying & Harassment
  • Sexual and Racial Discrimination

In the workplace, you have different people working together of race, nationality, and gender. You have different communication styles with views in a small area resulting in work issues.

Still, every employee has the right to be treated fairly in any situation, but many face bullying, discrimination to harassment. A good example is the LGBT community which is unprotected by the policies.

So, these issues lead to poor work performance and even a job termination resulting from stress. You find different cases of harassment ending up in legal problems for the concerned.

"My biggest problem is that I felt discriminated against. I was surprised when I spoke to one of the Couples Therapy of Chicago therapists,. The main problem was with me and not the people I worked with. My biggest fear was failing, and I was looking for exuses in everyone else."

- H Hughes

Do You Work In a Highly-Stressed Job?

Different positions are classified as highly stressed jobs. These jobs are known as job demand-control (JDC), as a lot of stress is placed on you. For example, some jobs are pilots, event coordinators, teachers, police officers, firefighters, and nurses to doctors. Hence, you can end up with work-related stress you cannot control.

How Can Psychotherapy Help?

Work and Career Issues Chicago IL 60622

The truth is that Psychotherapy helps in many ways to resolve workplace issues. For example, the therapy treats mental health symptoms from anxiety to depression resulting from workplace stress.

The good news is that work-related stress can manage when learning coping skills that a therapist teaches you. In addition, you can learn cognitive behavior to help you identify and eliminate unhealthy thoughts to provide a better mood.

You get other forms of treatment like taking part in medication to mindfulness. These treatments help to manage different types of stress. Lastly, you learn good communication skills to resolve workplace conflicts.

Common Work and Career Issues Chicago IL 60622

Mental Health Issue Disclosure

Here at Couples Therapy of Chicago, we know disclosing your mental health problems to your employer is difficult. Still, even if your employer knows they are not permitted to fire you while you can still perform your duties. For this reason, before you discuss your concerns take part in one of our work and career counseling sessions in Chicago to get added support. Together we will work on your problems before disclosing any of your work issues to your boss.

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