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Grief is a Complex Process

Grief can happen to anyone and can result in different reasons. But the most common grief is losing a loved one. When you lose someone, you go through a grieving process filled with sadness, anger, and sorrow.

With time those feelings subside in most people. Still, some people experience chronic feelings that can evolve into unhealthy grief.


Yet, grief is a common experience, and feelings are a normal grieving process. But if you go through different waves of grief and have no one to talk to, Couples Counseling of Chicago can help. Our grief counselors take a supportive approach to help you with your feelings of sadness.

The Cycle of Grief

When you lose something dear to you, it leaves you feeling hurt. But, with the hurt, you know what you lost was important and meaningful. For some, the pain fades, while others feel broken and empty inside. So, the continuous feeling of grief can result in major depression, and if you associate yourself with the following symptoms of distress, you need to get help.

  • Do you feel helpless and hopeless?
  • Not interested in anything with disruptive sleep patterns.
  • Your whole body aches, and you get bouts of sadness with difficulty concentrating.
  • Feel worthless and filled with guilt and have repeated thoughts about your loss.

Well, grief is complex, as you can see, as it affects your physical, emotional, and social well-being. While grief is normal, it can take longer for some people than others.

"A few years ago I lost my beloved Becky. Untill now I still grieve, but with the help of Couples Therapy of Chicago, I have learned to deal with my loss better. I laughed and cried but realized nothing would bring my angel back."

- M Knox

How Can Our Experienced Grief Counselor Help?

The truth is you need not face grief in life alone. With the effectiveness of grief therapy, you can prevent grief into grief taking over your life. With our grief-supportive services, you can easily navigate through your complex emotions of loss.

A grief therapist will listen with a supportive ear in an empathic environment. You will be in a comfortable space to remove your unhealthy grief, and they provide healing through grief to move past it.

Recovering from Grief Chicago IL 60622

As you work with one of our therapists to deal with your complicated grief, you will soon notice the following:

  • A decrease in your traumatic response triggers
  • You will have a better understanding of yourself and others
  • You will feel compassion and also be able to forgive
  • The grief counseling will help you get an insight into your harmful life patterns
  • Also, you learn you have a unique personality and a greater capacity for emotional communication
  • Even your social relationships will improve

Each of our counselors provides a safe space where you can explore the process of grief and get the support you need. So, if you are experiencing trauma, depression, anger, or anxiety, get supportive grief counseling from us today for you and your family. We are not limmited to only Grief Counseling, premarital counseling is also a service that we provide.

Grief Looks Different For Each OneĀ 

When you look at grief, the distress tends to be the same, but it can happen for many reasons. It is a difficult experience for young and old. Here at Couples Counseling of Chicago, we can help you with grief therapy to get through the pain. Our team of therapists can help you with the following:

  • The loss of a spouse, family member, or friend
  • Losing a pet
  • Help you through a divorce
  • Losing a job or a disability ending your career
  • A terminal illness or even a miscarriage
Behaviors & Grieving Thoughts Chicago IL 60622

Do not let your grief come in the way of building a creative yet wholesome life. If you recently experienced loss and feel your grieving process taking over your life. Never wait until it turns into a depression. Instead, contact our counseling for Chicago grief experts to help you through the grieving process.

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