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What Is Conflict Resolution Therapy?

You always try to avoid conflict but get pulled into fights with family, co-workers, or friends. Maybe you have kids that do not stop arguing with each other or you. We know how difficult it is to resolve disputes with the people in your life.

So, if you go through any of these scenarios described, it may help to consider scheduling conflict resolution therapy in Chicago. Here at Couples Therapy of Chicago, our therapists will look at the core concerns to help you navigate these complex situations and resolve the arguments for good.

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Conflict Resolution Therapy: Do I Need It?

Conflict can be beneficial in different situations as everyone has opposed views to handling conflict. It can lead to change, exploration, growth, and invention. Why? Parties involved care enough to fight with someone or for something that matters.

Still, whether it is personal concerns or depending on the type of relationship, that person feels the same way as you do. Still, no matter the challenging situations, you must find skillful ways to navigate those conflicts. You need to respect each other even if you disagree, as it is a crucial part of life.

Yet, the skills for conflict resolution do not come naturally to most people. Instead, you got to learn those skills for unresolved conflict. You may struggle with more issues later in life if you do not have conflict skills.

Hence, if any of the following conflict situations sounds like you, now is the time to invest in a conflict resolution therapy Chicago session:

  • You avoided at all cost conflict in a variety of situations.
  • When you disagree with others, you feel bad and go along to fit in and get along with the current confrontation.
  • Whether it be a conflict between individuals, from your partner, child, friends, or co-workers, you cannot solve the problem.
  • You know how a conflict situation bothers you, but you cannot let go of it.
  • When you fight with others, your emotions get out of control, and you cannot focus or even remember why the arguments started.

"A co-worker always picked on me, and I kept rolling it over and accepting it as is. Yet, I decided to schedule an appointment with Couples Therapy in Chicago. During the conflict resolution therapy, I learned that I must stand up for myself. Eventually, the problem faded when I stoped cowering myself."

- J James (Chicago)

Conflict Resolution Therapy: What to Expect

You can find healthy and unhealthy ways to deal with different conflicting parties. For example, you may find you avoid the disagreement with others until they forget about the problem, and you move on.

While taking that breather allows you to cool down, ignoring the problem does not mean it is over. The truth is most people through conflict feel resentful. The person might even feel you do not value their opinions or them enough to work the problem out.

Then there is the opposite that can happen as the person does not want to let the conflict go. Instead, they will persist until you agree to end the argument.

While other people feel it does not bother them as it is easier to leave the argument than continue, while you may think handling situations this way is okay, it is not. So instead, you must wonder how you can handle conflict in another way.

Well, with people conflict resolution skills provided by a Chicago therapist, they understand the issues leading to unresolved conflict. In addition, our program for conflict resolution can help you develop new skills to handle future conflict in your life.

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Conflict Resolution Therapy: Learning New Skills

At a conflict resolution therapy session, you spend most of your time focusing on a solution for the conflict you struggle with. Hence, the therapist will help you find a satisfying answer to help resolve your relationship with that person.

The methods used can be learning skills to handle conflict situations and discussing the problems to find the root of the problem. Furthermore, whether it be a family issue, personal relationship, or career conflict resolution, we encourage you to use those skills in practice with new problems that arise.

The first and most important lesson is controlling yourself in that conflict. You cannot force another person to agree with everything you say, as it will remain an unresolved conflict.

So, with your conflict resolution skills training, you need to accept to resolve a problem is not about changing another person's mind. Instead, finding a solution that benefits both of you in the conflict would be best.

Get Started With Us Now!

The most intimidating step is admitting you need help with conflict. For this reason, please schedule an appointment with our professional team today. Maybe you had negative experiences in your past dealing with therapy. The truth is we get it, but the good news is that we can help you find a solution to change your conflict to a resolution. So, when you are ready, complete the form or phone us at Couples Therapy of Chicago NOW to help. We are here to help you find alternative solutions to your problems.

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