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Any time counseling is mentioned it can cause more friction in a relationship that is having problems. It does though help a great deal to have an intermediary who knows what types of questions to ask. Over the many years, we have been in operation we have seen many couples who have taken this step and sought the advice from professional therapists.

Couples therapy Chicago professionals offer when we have scheduled appointments is the best way to deal with many issues that can quickly spiral out of control if something isn’t done to resolve the situation before it reaches a point of no return.

Here are eight of the most common reasons why couples seek therapy with Couples Therapy Of Chicago:


Lack of Trust

This is one of the most common causes couples seek the help of our professional therapists. It might be a case of infidelity,or a partner has had an emotional affair. There is now is the case of online relationships being formed where no physical contact is made, and trust becomes weakened.


Frequent Arguments

Conflict can arise more often because of daily life. They might be small at the start and grow in intensity and become more frequent. When this happens,and they become more frequent, it can be signals for more severe problems underneath.


Poor Communication

Quite often one partner can feel they are not being understood as they used to. They might even get the impression they are being ignored. Our therapists can help with these situations and will help to find out the reasons why communication has faltered.


The Feeling Something isn’t Right

Our highly skilled therapists and counselors can spot signals in areas where they see problems between couples. One partner might feel there is a change in their relationship though it might be subtle and they not be able to identify what the problem is. This could mean one partner is not to blame for any reason just that something has gone amiss.


Unable to Tell Your Partner Something

At some time in a relationship, one partner in the couple might want to tell the other something, yet they find it difficult or they are embarrassed. Our helpful counselors and therapists at Couples Therapy Of Chicago can be the best go-between to help the one partner ease into the thing they wish to say to their partner.


Dysfunctional During Conflict

This can be a cause for a more significant amount of arguments where things have spiraled out of control and one partner either shuts the other out or lashes out, It might also be the case they become passive-aggressive or one of the many different ways. In times like this couples therapy in Chicago helps a great deal as a professional psychologist or therapist will understand and know how to deal with the dysfunctional partner.


Stuck in aRut

This is common and can quickly be an irritating scenario for one of the partners in a relationship. It can stem from something as simple as one partner complaining about their work on a daily basis and the other partner becomes a sounding board for their gripes. If this pattern continues, it can worsen and the effect is not as easy to resolve.


The Spark has Gone

It happens that the spark can go from a relationship. It might not be the fact the partners are not attracted to each other. There can be other reasons for this happening. Work worries can play heavily on minds,so frustration sets in and any sexual element diminish. It can also be the case one of the partners feels unsatisfied. All of our skilled therapists at Couples Therapy Of Chicago are fully qualified to deal with any relationship problems that arise from either form of intimacy being lacking within a relationship.




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