Maggie Daley Park Ice Skating Ribbon

Located in the heart of downtown Chicago, Maggie Daley Park Ice Skating Ribbon offers a unique twist on traditional ice skating. Instead of the standard rink layout, it presents a winding, ribbon-shaped trail that meanders through the beautifully designed Maggie Daley Park, providing skaters with a memorable and scenic experience.

History of Maggie Daley Park Ice Skating Ribbon

Maggie Daley Park Ice Skating Ribbon is a relatively new addition to Chicago, opening in December 2014. It was funded through a partnership between the Chicago Park District and the private philanthropy group, The Trust for Public Land. The ribbon-shaped skating trail is located within Maggie Daley Park, which was named after the former first lady of Chicago, Margaret Corbett Daley.

Maggie Daley Park Ice Skating Ribbon has become a popular destination for locals and visitors. It features a climate-controlled skating path, with lighting in the evening to enjoy it day or night. The ribbon trail provides scenic views of the Chicago skyline and Lake Michigan as you skate along its winding paths. Other amenities include warming huts, heated restrooms, bike rentals, and food vendors.

Features of the Ribbon

The Ice Skating Ribbon's standout features include:

  • Looping Path: Stretching approximately a quarter of a mile, the ribbon's path twists and turns around climbing walls and beautifully landscaped gardens.
  • Hot Chocolate Hut: Skaters can warm up with hot cocoa from the rink-side concession stand.
  • Skate Rental: Visitors without skates can rent a pair at the park.
  • Zamboni Surface Maintenance: The ice surface is regularly maintained for safe, smooth skating.

Adjacent Park Attractions

Maggie Daley Park, which hosts the Ice Skating Ribbon, is home to several other attractions, such as:

  • The Play Garden: A fantastical play area designed to stimulate creativity in children.
  • Climbing Wall: A unique outdoor rock-climbing structure.
  • Picnic Groves: Beautiful spots for enjoying a meal in the park.

Events and Activities

Throughout the winter season, Maggie Daley Park Ice Skating Ribbon hosts several events and activities, including:

  • Skating Lessons: For those new to ice skating, lessons are offered onsite.
  • Theme Nights: Themed skate nights, from discos to holiday celebrations, add extra fun.
  • Private Events: The ribbon can be reserved for private events and parties.

Safety Measures

In the interest of public safety, the following measures are in place:

  • Limited Capacity: To ensure ample room for skaters, capacity is limited and online reservations are encouraged.
  • Regular Sanitization: Rental equipment is sanitized between uses.
  • First Aid Station: Onsite medical assistance is available.

Final Thoughts

Maggie Daley Park Ice Skating Ribbon offers a unique and joyful outdoor experience in the heart of Chicago, IL. Whether you're a local looking for a new weekend activity or a visitor exploring the city's attractions, it provides a perfect blend of active fun and breathtaking cityscape views.

So, put on your warmest winter attire, lace up your skates, and glide along the ice with the Chicago skyline as your backdrop. This is not just another ice skating experience—it's a winter journey through one of Chicago's most beautiful parks.

Enjoy the ride!

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